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Oval Cut Engagement Rings Shape

Oval Diamond

Oval Cut Engagement Ring- A Inspiration

A diamond with an oval cut is set in an oval engagement ring. Since the cut was first introduced by a diamond cutter in 1957, modern oval diamonds have been in production. An oval-cut stone can be used in any type of setting, including solitaire, three-stone, and diamond pave bands. A classy option, an oval-cut diamond’s slightly elongated shape will maximize the carat weight in your design and make your gem appear larger than other shapes.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

What Does An Oval-Cut Engagement Ring Represent?

This particular stone’s form stands for originality, individuality, and pushing the envelope while still honoring and respecting tradition. The oval stone shape also represents fertility, rebirth, and family because it resembles an egg.

Select a Diamond Based On How It Makes You Feel​


Exceptional yet Traditional: When it comes to diamond shapes, there are some incredible moptions. Traditional cuts that are widely available are princess and round. On the other hand, the oval cut is distinctive. It gives the ring a little bit more character. Oval engagement rings remain timeless, but they also appeal to those who yearn for a little variety.

 Budget-Friendly: In addition to being more unique than round diamonds, oval cuts are also, perhaps surprisingly, more affordable. Shoppers on a tight budget will value the opportunity to get more sparkle and weight for their money. The oval shape also deceives the eye into seeing more. As a result, an oval cut diamond in your engagement ring appears larger than a round diamond of the same size.

 Absolute Sparkle:   The brilliance of the light reflected by a diamond is unquestionably influenced by its cut. Some cuts of cushion-cut diamonds have a more muted brilliance than others, as you may have read about cushion-cut diamonds. One of the brightest, sparkliest cuts is the oval. The oval diamond is a great option if will completely change your relationship with your special someone.

 Hand Physique:   All diamonds can look fantastic in the right setting, but not every finger will benefit from their beauty. It’s a smart idea to test out a few rings before making your decision. The oval-cut diamond ring, however, looks fantastic on a variety of hands. Because it gives the appearance of longer, slimmer fingers, it can help women with small hands or short fingers prefer this shape.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Is The Oval Cut Engagement Ring Cheaper?

A much more cost-effective option is an oval-cut diamond, which can cost up to 25% less than a round- cut diamond of equal carat weight. Oval cut diamonds will appear even bigger than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight because they also have a slightly larger face-up surface.

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