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Marquise-Cut Engagement Rings Shape

marquise diamond

Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring- Ice On Fire

Choosing the ideal engagement ring can be difficult now that the time has come to pop the question, even though there are many shops offering deals on various diamond shapes and designs. One thing to keep in mind is to not rush the process of choosing your partner’s ring. Because a marquise cut engagement ring is not actually on the top of the list, it is challenging to say that it is on the list when wearing one. They are also still on the list of diamond shapes you should think about for your partner’s engagement ring. But let’s say you’re looking for a unique diamond with a fascinating past. Marquise engagement ringsare a fantastic option in that situation.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Buy Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

When you design a unique marquise engagement ring at The Diamond Feed, you can pop the question with a vintage-inspired air of elegance. Marquise-style engagement rings are a stunning option for light reflection due to their brilliant-cut design. The cut’s elongated appearance gives a finger the appearance of being longer and more slender. See how this brilliant cut style appears in various settings by browsing our entire collection of marquise engagement rings. At The Diamond Feed, we have a fantastic selection of natural and lab-grown marquise cut diamonds for you to create the engagement ring of your dreams. We offer marquise-cut engagement rings at a lower cost than other popular diamond shapes. So, for a
reasonable price, you get a gem that is truly rare and one of a kind.

Reasons To Select A Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Although marquise diamonds are less common in engagement rings these days, more people are beginning to favor them. It is primarily due to its distinctive appearance, which is different from other diamond shapes. Here’s why your partner would love a marquise-cut engagement ring.

  • The elegant appearance of marquise engagement rings is distinctive in and of itself.
  • When compared to the shape of other diamonds with larger sizes, the marquise diamond shape makes your engagement ring appear larger.
  • Buying marquise engagement rings has its advantages, but only if you do so from a reputable retailer that uses high-quality, professionally graded diamonds.
Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

How Special Is A Marquise Cut Engagement Ring?

The marquise diamond has a distinguished past in the world of aristocracy; it first made an appearance at the behest of a king to express his love for his mistress and to argue that the grace and form of her lips deserved to be captured in a diamond. How lovely! Given that it is long, narrow, and has pointed ends, the marquise diamond is the perfect shape for making your finger appear slimmer and more slender. This diamond’s long body gives it the appearance of being larger than it actually is; it makes it appear as though it has an equal carat weight to a round diamond, which has a greater carat weight.

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