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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Perfect for the Bride to be

Currently, the emerald cut diamond is very popular, especially for engagement rings. This cut
undoubtedly gives any finger a tonne of drama and chic sparkle, and it can do the same for yours!

Most frequently, an emerald cut is a rectangular shape with tiny facets that are cut like stairs. A less
common but equally striking emerald cut is also available in square form. In a jewelry setting, this style
of cut tends to look very contemporary and unnatural.

An emerald-cut diamond is available in any color you desire. Both low-clarity color diamonds and high-
clarity clear diamonds can be used with this design. Color is the way to go if you want to cut costs.

Core Values Why go for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

An emerald cut is a good option for a stone in a ring because, as was already mentioned, it is difficult to
chip while being worn. This shape's faceted cut also makes the light sparkle less dramatically and more
subtly. Additionally, the cut tends to appear larger than the majority of other diamond cuts, giving you
much more ring on your finger.

How Much Are Emerald Cut Diamonds?

Emerald cuts generally cost less than most other shapes, particularly round shapes. This is so that
cutting an emerald shape result in less waste. Cutting stone results in less material loss than shaping a
rough diamond into a rounded shape.

However, in order to get the best value, choose an emerald-cut diamond. As a result, even though you
may be paying less when comparing clarity or carats directly, you might actually pay more because you
have to choose a higher quality than you would with a round shape.

How Well-Known Are Emerald Cut Diamonds in the USA and Around the world?

Its safe to say that the demand for engagement rings featuring emerald-cut diamonds is high. You can
see why women all over the world choose this cut for their engagement rings when you consider that it
is more difficult to chip a diamond in this cut. It has an elegant cut and will last for a long time

What a diamond with an emerald cut says about you?

As we previously mentioned, celebrities favor emerald-cut engagement rings. They are affluent, global,
and glamorous. Because they are less expensive than rounds, you can get a little bigger because they
lengthen the finger. Just don’t hold it against us if people start mistaking you for a movie star.
But keep in mind to invest in color and clarity if you want luxury without going broke and still have your
heart set on an emerald-cut diamond. After all, not everything is big.

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